DIY Nikon F100 accessories cables by Avi
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This project started when I was looking for a release cable solution for my new F100.
I realized that there are several accessories that can connect to the F100. I needed the MC-30
release cable and the MC-33 to connect my F100 to my PC.
Further study led me to some sites and newsgroups posts suggesting how to build your own cables
and I than started to be interested in tailoring my own solution.
Seeing Nikon's prices (US$165 for both according Adorama's site) helped me to decide I'm going to build it myself.

First I decided on a concept that will allow me to attach the 2 cables I needed and will allow
future accessories to be attached as well.
This was done by building an INTERFACE cable that keeps all 10 wires of the F100 connector plug.
I chose to use a DB-15 connector because its availability and ease of wires soldering.

Concept drawing:

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