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Rocky disassembly
I chose to add a digital timer to Rocky and make some improvements to this grinder which I'll describe in the following pages.
In order to make the modification, disassembly of Rocky is needed.


1. Rocky runs on high voltage.
Any modification made to your Rocky may cause damage to your equipment and harm to yourself or to others.
It will void manufacturer warranty.
None of the following mods is recommended by me nor by the manufacturer, Rancilio.
These pages show only my personal experience and know-how.

If you follow any of the mods, you do it on your own risk and responsibility.

. Copyright © 2011 Avi. All rights reserved.
Content including all text and images in part or in whole may not be reproduced, retransmitted, stored, distributed, disseminated, sold, published, broadcast or circulated in any medium without written consent of the author.

Before you start disassemble Rocky, make sure it is disconnected from power.
Take the power plug out of the mains socket.

tipTip: It is advised to use a vacuum cleaner to remove any coffee residue from the hopper and from the burrs before you go on with the disassembly. Your work will be much comfortable without any coffee around.

1. Set the hopper to “0” position.

2. Take off the hopper lid.

3. Unscrew and take off the upper grinder burr cover. 3 screws


4. Take off the hopper. Slide it upwards and make sure it is not scratched by rear cover.


5. Unscrew and take off the chute. Be very careful as this part is very sensitive to screw pressure and tends to break very easily.
Pay attention to the position of the chute rear gasket.


6. Pull out the portafilter holder if it is connected to your Rocky.


7. Lift and take off the front foot cover.


8. Unscrew rear cover. 3 screws, 2 on top and 1 on base


9. Take off the rear cover by rotating it so it will lay on the table first.

10. Disconnect the power switch connectors.
11. Take off the rear cover after you release the power cable from its strain relief.

12. Unscrew and take off the motor. 2 hex head screws.

tipTip: The grinder front switch is accessible now and the electrical mod can be performed.
If you need to make further improvements on the front cover, continue with the disassembling.

13. Remove the front grinder switch connectors

14. Unscrew and remove the earth wire.

15. Unscrew and take off the bottom plastic base.

The front case is disassembled now and ready for the rework.

tipTip: Front cover is made of Aluminum cast and is sensitive to impact, be careful with the handling of this part.

tipTip:  Mark each connector you disassemble for easy assembly later on.
If you got confused, don’t worry, Rocky’s manual has the electric diagram ready for you. (see page 46)

tipTip: Assembling is done in reverse order of the above.

tipTip: When assembling, remember to screw the upper grinder burr until it can’t turn and then release it a bit to match the 3 threads of the burr to the hopper holes while in “0” position.
This must be done prior of assembly the upper grinder burr cover that attaches the hopper to the burr plate.
When done, turn the hopper to none “0” position to protect the burrs from touching.

tipTip: Make sure that in “0” position, the hopper fits the stopper pin.
Just rotate it slightly until you’ll feel that the pin found its matching hole in the hopper.
Never force the hopper to less than “0” position as it will bend the hopper stopper screw and might also break the hopper.

tipTip: Be very careful not to fasten the chute screws too tight as it will break.



Index of pages:

Home | Disassembly | Mod | Mod2

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