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Rancilio Rocky doserless MD40 grinder mod by Avi

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More improvements

While doing this mod I was disturbed by Rocky's chute that is so 'well designed' that you can't end a grind session without a trail of coffee grinds all over.
This was solved very easily by using part of a small plastic funnel. No coffee spills now, but it raised a new issue with the portafilter support. This could not be used with the funnel because of height differences.

I ended up lowering the portafilter support by drilling 2 new holes and transferring the existing fork holder sleeves to the new holes.
Now I can trigger the timer while portafilter sits on its holder and no coffee is spilling due to the use of this small funnel addition. To close the old holes, I used dome plugs.

Speaking of hole plugs, Rocky’s hopper is fixed to the upper grinder disk with 3 screws that are assembled through a plastic part with sleeves for the screws.
The screws are located deep in the sleeves leaving enough room for beans to get stuck in it. While using Rocky, those sleeves store some beans that get stuck in it and when you come to disassemble the hopper for cleaning, you need to spend time taking out those stubborn stuck beans in order to get to the screws.
So, why not close those sleeves with plugs as well?  That’s what I did and solved this issue easily.
I just can’t understand why Rancilio engineers never thought of a solution for this annoying problem they have created.


Here are some images of the modified Rocky:

Modding Rocky made my grinding process easier, more comfortable, cleaner, safer and very accurate.
No more guessing! 15 gram is exactly 15 gram on each session.

Enjoy your coffee



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