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How did I fixed iRobot Roomba 560 speaker / mute robot?

I my Roomba 560
(Well... I still do...)

I have found lately that my 4 years old Roomba has gone mute and no sound is heard from it.
Roomba continued to work and clean but did not make any sound, totally mute.
Since all my family got so used to its singing, I had to repair it and share my knowledge with you.

Possible reasons for a mute Roomba could be a speaker fault or worst, a problem in the motherboard.

This fix is ONLY for those with electronics and mechanical knowledge and skills.

This fix is NOT recommended by me
nor by iRobot and will void product warranty !
if you follow this fix, you do it on your own risk !

A. First Reset Roomba -

1. Press Clean (ON)
2. Press SPOT and DOCK simultaneously for ~10 seconds / until Clean light turns off.
3. A confirmation signal and sound should be heard

If you heard a sound, your Roomba is OK, but if not, you need to fix it.


B. preparing for the fix:

Needed components:
1x 1.4" mini Speaker
Roomba Speaker
original part: please note there are 2 types of speakers, both are compatible with 5xx

Mini Speaker spec:
16 Ohm, 1 W
external diameter: 1.4" (35.75mm)
max width: 0.2" (5.3mm)
flange width (where it fits the slot): 0.083" (2.12mm)

And where do I buy it ?
You can find original speaker at various online stores including eBay for ~US$6-8


C. Disassembly of the robot and replacing the speaker

1. Place the Roomba top down on a solid work surface
Remove the dust bin
Remove the screw from the rotating side brush and gently pull it out
Remove the four screws holding the bottom plate and remove the plate

2. Take out the battery, lift it using the 2 plastic tabs

3. Unscrew the 10 screws on the bottom of the bumper plate and remove the arc shaped plate.

4. Move the bumper front part till you have access to sensor's screws

5. Unscrew 2 screws holding the sensor,
pay attention to its external transparent half which will fall off.
Remove the front bumper completely

6. Turn Roomba with its Top side UP
Lift up the silver/else decorative cover.
The plate is held with snaps, start the lift in the bin area and move further from there.
Press on the snaps with a screwdriver to release them if needed.
When you reach the handle area, lift the handle and take the plate out
in a diagonal movement.

7. Remove 10+1 top screws of top cover.
Remember that 1 screw has a smaller head.
Remove the cover straight up while pressing the center (near the buttons) with your thumbs.

8. Now you can see the speaker housing and its connector

9. Disconnect the speaker connector. Pay attention to its slot / wires color
Unscrew the top cover screw and pull it up with the speaker

10. Pull the wires through the slot in the cover and take out the speaker.
Pay attention that the speaker is held in a special slot both in the cover and in the body.


11. Test the speaker and if needed, replace it.

How do I test the speaker?
Connect 1.5V battery to the speaker contacts,
Connect the "+" pole of the battery to the Red wire contact of the speaker
and touch for a very short time the "-" pole to the Black wire contact of the speaker.
If you hear a noise, speaker is OK, if not, replace the speaker.

If speaker is OK, check the connector on the motherboard. If needed, resolder its contacts.
If this doesn't help, you'll need to explore further the motherboard or replace it.

12. Reassemble the speaker and its top cover.
Make sure it fits into the slots and that cover is flat with the body

D. Assembly - assemble all parts in reverse order to what is listed above
You may stop after assemble the battery to check your fix
or complete it and than do a check.
If you have completed the assembly and left without any screw,
hit the Clean button and see if your Roomba starts to clean happy and singing...

E. Voila - you now have a working and singing iRobot Roomba


Have fun and enjoy your Roomba.

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