Rancilio Silvia Mega-Mod part 12 Pump drain

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While Silvia was totally disassembled, I remembered seeing a web page that discussed the damages caused by a leaking pump. The pump leaked slowly in the outlet area and since no drain hole is present in that area, water didn’t come out and continuous damage to the chassis was build up.
Over the time the damage was so significant that a chassis rework was needed to get rid of the deep rust and to repaint it. That user made a large opening in the chassis under the pump outlet (where the leakage was) to prevent this from re-happening.
How come Rancilio’s engineers never thought of such a simple solution?
I didn’t want to machine the chassis to avoid anti-rust and paint job, so instead, I added a small Silicone mold (cake mold) under the pump and made a hole in it right above the already existing hole in the chassis.
I used silicone to glue it into place and made sure silicon glue is added to where the holes of both the chassis and the mold meet.
This mod supplies a protected drain path to possible water leakage from the pump outlet.
A simple add-on to a possible fault that Rancilio engineers didn’t pay attention to.

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