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Avi's Silvia Mega-Mod

My way to a better coffee...

DISCLAIMER - Important!

Silvia comes with a simple steam wand which gets hot very quickly and even puts the user in danger of getting burns from touching the wand.
The provided rubber sleeve is small and is not solving the matter as much of the wand is still unprotected.
Even adding 2 more rubber sleeves (as I did) still leaves unexposed hot areas.

Improving the insulation of Silvia’s wand was inspired from the wand design of high-end coffee machines.
It involves a double tube design in which an internal Teflon tube is inserted into the external metal one.
The internal tube is held in both sides of the wand with the help of O-rings that both centers and seals the ends. Adding the internal tube to Silvia’s wand is easy to do and in this page you’ll learn how I did it step by step.

Needed components: (ID=Inner diameter, OD=Outer diameter)
1. 190mm (for V3 wand) Transparent FEP Teflon tube ID=2.0mm OD=4.0mm
2. 4x O-rings ID-3.1mm OD-6.35mm (any ID of 3.1-4.0mm will work)
3. 1x O-ring – ID-4.0mm OD-9.0mm
A. Disassemble Silvia’s wand using a 22mm open wrench and take it off.
tip Tip: Pay attention to a spring with its concaved part that meets the wand ball. It might fall out while you disassemble the wand.
B. Slide the big connecting nut so you’ll have access to the ball end.
C. Drill the ball end with a 6.35mm (1/4”) diameter drill bit.
Drill just ~3.2mm (1/8”) or less in depth, this drill creates a recess for one O-ring.
tip Tip: Rinse the wand after drilling to wash out any debris. Use water sand paper to smooth the drill edge.
D. Insert the internal Teflon tube, start from the ball side and push it until it gets out on the tip side.
E. Install 3x O-rings ID-3.1mm OD-6.35mm and 1x O-ring – ID-4.0mm OD-9.0mm over the tube end.
Make sure the tube end flattens with the last O-ring.
My 1 hole tip internal diameter is ~9.0mm, thus I have used the OD-9.0mm O-ring to center the tube.
When done installing the 4x O-rings, reassemble the metal tip.
F. Install O-rings OD-6.35mm over the internal tube on the ball end side. Use a small screwdriver and push the O-ring into the recess made in step C.

G. Use a sharp knife to vertical cut the tube excess that protrudes out of the O-ring.

H. Reassemble the wand to Silvia.

tip Tip: Pay attention to the spring with its concaved part that meets the wand ball. Tighten the nut till you feel that the wand moves with your desired force.

You have now completed the Silvia wand mod and have a much better insulated wand.
As a result of using a smaller diameter internal tube, you got a better steamer. Pressure increases and steam supply duration got longer.

Enjoy your Cappuccino

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  1. Ingo

    The wand modification works great. I used ID/OD 3mm/6mm for the small rings, ID/OD 4mm/9mm for the large rings and a 6mm drill bit. I see no noticeable loss of steam power. The froth wipes off easily with a soft cloth now, and one fantastic benefit is that the deafening noise my wand/milk pot combination makes while foaming is almost entirely gone. Thumbs up!
    P.S. What we may want to see is how rubber o-rings do with the heat over long time.

    • Avi Schneor

      Thank you Ingo, I’m glad it helped you.
      As for thr “O” rings, don’t worry, it will hold for several years…
      Enjoy your coffee

  2. Adam S.

    No inquiries, just thanks for the Silvia steam wand modification instructions. Works great and saves time from the laborious task of cleaning the wand daily.

    • Avi Schneor

      Thank you Adam, enjoy it.
      As for cleaning the wand, since we are dealing with milk, I strongly recommend to wipe the wand thoroughly with a wet cloth after each frothing to avoid bacterial growth.
      Enjoy your coffee


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