Rancilio Silvia Mega-Mod part 15 Acknowledgments

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Avi's Silvia Mega-Mod

My way to a better coffee...

DISCLAIMER - Important!


Some may wonder why not move to another machine with all that I invested in the mods?

Well, you might be right from financial point of view, but you can’t judge these mods with regular criteria since it involves much more than money.
It involves feelings, adventure, enthusiasm, satisfaction etc. that was the drive for doing this project.

Say for example that you love cars and you own, love and use a Ford model 1957 that you take care of, but this car does not have some advanced features you really wish it to have, features that helps you drive it better and easier.
Will you trade it with another more advanced car? Will you work hard and change / add / modify those features of your beloved car?

Same goes with my Silvia, I didn’t want to abandon ‘her’, I just wanted to make my coffee with better control and make Silvia a much better coffee machine to serve me in the years ahead.

I hope these pages helped you understand what I did to improve the functionality of my Silvia.

Enjoy your coffee

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1. Silvia runs on high voltage.

Any modification made to your Silvia may cause damage to your equipment and harm to yourself or to others. 
Any modification made to your Silvia will void manufacturer warranty.
None of the following mods is recommended by me nor by the manufacturer, Rancilio. 
These pages show only my personal experience and know-how.
If you follow any of the mods, you do it on your own risk and responsibility.

2. Copyright © 2011 Avi. All rights reserved. 

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