DIY Nikon F100 DataCable-1 by Avi

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Nikon F100

Building MC-33 DataCable-1 by Avi

DISCLAIMER – Important!

My work on this cable was based on the work of Marcel Eremia and Emmanuel Geneste which have a lot in common.
Both Marcel and Emmanuel helped me understand their design and I thank them for it. This project started in 2003 as a one-off cable system DataCable1 and ended up with a small batch of direct camera-PC cable DataCable2 due to many requests I got.

Schematic drawing of DataCable1

Avi's Nikon F100 DataCable-1 schematic

Components list:

  • 1x Maxim MAX232 IC chip (*1)
  • 1x DIP socket for the chip 
  • 5x 1.0 µF electrolytic capacitors (*2)
  • 1x small plastic box
  • 1x Bread board in size to fit the box
  • 1x 5 KOhm resistor
  • 1x 120 KOhm resistor (*3)
  • 1x DB-9 receptacle connector
  •  1x DB-15 plug connector
  •  1x ~2m of min. 4 wires cable

(*1) It is possible to use MAX232A chip instead, but in this case use 0.1 µF capacitors.
(*2) Take extra care to capacitors polarity when you place it.
(*3) 120 KOhm is what worked for me. Original drawing of Marcel stated 200 KOhm, Emmanuel’s design has no resistorsl.

DataCable1 electronics box

View of DataCable1

exclaim2 Note: In order for your F-100 to start recording data you must instruct it to do so from the software. It will not record any data until this is activated !

This page show you the one-off DIY DataCable1.
After I published my first design, I got many requests from photographers all over the world to build this Data Cable since it had been discontinued. Eventually, I made a limited batch of the NEW DataCable2 that I offered for sale until June 2008 which is now obsolete!

Avi’s Nikon F100 cables project posts:

My concept | DIY Interface cable | DIY DataCable-1 | DIY DataCable-2
DIY MC-30BUY DataCable2

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1. Nikon cameras contains electronics.

Any modification made to your Nikon camera may cause damage to your equipment and harm to yourself or to others. 
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