Building MC-30 cable by Avi
* F100 Release cable *

WARNING : The information presented here describes my own experience.
It is NOT in any way an official suggestion nor instructions to be followed.
Using this information is on your own risk !!!

I read some newsgroups posts and saw some sites suggesting how to build your own switch housing.
Some advised to use one switch to activate both the AF and Shutter release simultaneously and some
suggested to use 2 switches, one for each function to be activated one after the other.
An interesting link to remote radio DIY can be found on Nick Didlick's site which might be
my next project, but for now I'll concentrate on manual release.

Eventually I decided to save the trouble of trying to construct my own switch housing and to use a
Nikon one that will simulate the F100 operation, meaning short push to activate the meter and AF
and longer one to release the shutter.
I found an old and cheap MC-12A cable and altered it to fit to F100.

Changes made to the original MC-12A switch housing:
1. Replacing the original 2 wires cable with a 3 wires cable.(I used a computer network cable)
2. Shortening top leads of the AF switch (the leads on the small internal pcb)
and connecting the other ends to the cable.
3. Connecting the micro switch (shutter release) to the cable.
4. Connecting the cable to the DB-15 connector.
NOTE: Extra care must be taken while opening the switch housing in order to keep the parts
(especially the lock lever parts) from bending/breaking

This is the schematic drawing:

and this is the cable:

Note: Please check that your CSM #4 is set to "0" (Enable), otherwise this release cable will not work.

Well, with this cable I ended this little project and I'm ready for my next one.
I hope you'll find my page clear to understand and hope you'll benefit from it.
Please remember, if you make use of this information you do it on your own risk !
Have a nice and successful photography experience.


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