Building DataCable2 by Avi
* Connects N90(s) / F100 / F5 to PC *

WARNING : The information presented here describes my own experience.
It is NOT in any way an official suggestion nor instructions to be followed.
Using this information is on your own risk !!!

As I already mentioned, after I published my DataCable1 design, I got many requests
from photographers all over the world to build this cable since it had been discontinued.
Requests also asked for a cable to be compatible to N90 / F100 / F5 and
the interface cable
that was made in DataCable1.

So, with this in mind I built the new DataCable2 to meet the following:
  1. Direct camera-computer cable (no interface cable)
Compatible to Nikon MC-33 MC33 / MC-31 MC31 cables.
  2. Length of ~8' (2.5m) for ease of use. Much more than MC-33
  3. Work with N90(s) / F90(x) / F100 / F5
  4. Work with major data collecting software
  5. Batteries FREE. Power is received from camera.

I am NOT compromising on quality and in DataCable2 I used:
  1. Smaller electronics box,
  2. Professionally custom made PCB according Avi's design
including a protective solder mask layer.
  3. High quality components
  4. Cable ends are secured to box with high quality Strain Relief
  and most important,
5. GENUINE Nikon 10 pin connector

using Nikon 10 pin connector
is VERY important because it is the only connector that ensures:
_Safe and reliable attachment to camera using a threaded metal locking ring.
_High quality and precise mechanical and electrical contacts.
_Correct orientation to camera without a possibility for wrong attachment that might damage your camera/computer.
_It has mating slides to guide the attachment process.
_Mating strength since ALL 10 pins are presented.
_Industry standard quality of pins to internal wires connection.
I could have used a cheaper connector like those offered by others and saved about $30 but I decided not to compromise on this critical component.
When it comes to quality and protecting your expensive camera, my decision was to build a professional cable, no matter what it costs.

DataCable2 images:

PCB, professionally made with solder mask layer to protect it

10 pin connector - a Genuine Nikon connector with threaded locking ring

general view of DataCable2

DataCable2 connected to N90s

connected to F100

DataCable2 connected to F5

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