Rancilio Silvia Mega-Mod part 10 Grouphead Shower

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Avi's Silvia Mega-Mod

My way to a better coffee...

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Rancilio from a very mysterious reason attaches the brew shower screen with an M5x14 hex slot head bolt.
This bolt head leaves noticeable mark on the coffee puck and some suggest it has impact on the result. It also makes the cleaning of this area more difficult.
Pre-Infusion switch on control box
Grouphead screen filter prior of modding
I reworked it easily to a flat design with simple steps.

A. Using a sunk tool to machined the group jetbraker part and get a cone shape with angles matching the new countersunk screw.
B. Using M5x12 countersunk Hex head screw to replace the original one.

tipTip: Hex head allows easier access with a tool to screw/unscrew it. If Phillips head is used instead, a 90 degree screwdriver is probably needed to access this limited area.

C. On a wise, I pressed the screen with the screw on one side against the jetbraker and the diffuser on the other side until the screw pressed the shower screen and distorted it to reach a flat surface with the screw head.

tipTip: Use only Stainless Steel screw. A4 grade (marine grade). It is preferred if you want it to last for years.

This mod produces a very clean coffee puck.
If using a lathe is not possible, it can be done with a hand-drill.

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  1. Jake

    I’m curious. After this mod, can you use other brands’ screens (Simonelli, EMS, etc.) that already have the recess for the screw head or so you need to use Rancilio compatible replacement screens and press them in the vice grip?

    • Avi Schneor

      Yes, you can use other screens that have the same dimensions.
      Please remember you also need to mill the group jetbraker part and use a M5x12 countersunk Hex head screw to replace the original one.


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