Rancilio Silvia Mega-Mod part 2 Disassembly

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Avi's Silvia Mega-Mod

My way to a better coffee...

DISCLAIMER - Important!

To start working on Silvia, we need to disassemble its covers and some other parts to reach its internal space and make room for the rework.

Before we begin, make sure to: 
1. Get most of the water out of Silvia.
Heat up the boiler, remove the water from the reservoir tank, open the steam valve and run the pump until no water comes out. Then close the steam valve and shut Silvia off.
2. Disconnect Silvia from mains!

I disassembled Silvia in the following order:
Tip: The procedure ahead allows the reach for all the above mods. You might disassemble less according to the mod/s you perform.

1. Take off the drip tray grill.
2. Remove the drip tray.
3. Remove the reservoir tank lid.
4. Remove the water reservoir tank. Make sure you don’t pull with it the 2 water pipes.

Tip: The less water in the tank the easier to remove it.
Tip: I made sure no water would leak from the pipes by sealing its ends with small caps.

5. Unscrew and remove top cover. 4 screws.

Tip: Pay attention not to lose the 4 clip nuts for those screws. While here, check those clip nuts. From a strange reason, it is not made from stainless steel so it tends to rust. If rust is found, clean it and lub it with WD40 or alike.

6. Unscrew and remove back cover. 3 screws. 2 on the top, parallel to floor and 1 on the bottom of rear face that you’ll find hiding inside a small niche. The 2 top screws need only to be loosened as it slides through an opening in the chassis. The bottom screw is actually connected to the chassis and needs also just to be loosened. This part is removed by sliding it a bit backward and then sliding it towards the top.

Tip: Use right angle small screwdriver for the 2 top screws.
Tip: Use a flashlight to guide you to the bottom screw.

7. Unscrew and remove the internal back protective cover. (splash panel). 2 screws.
8. Unscrew and remove front lower cover. 2 screws.
9. Remove the steam valve knob. Pull it straight forward. Make sure you close the valve firmly before you pull it.
10. Disconnect all terminal connectors from the switches.

Tip: Start from top to bottom.
Take out each switch that you disconnected its connectors to clear room for accessing next switch.
Tip: Mark each connector so you’ll know how to assemble it later on. It is also recommended to use a camera/smartphone and take pictures along the way.
If you got confused, or forgot to mark it, don’t panic, use the wires diagram from Rancilio while assembling.
Tip: In order to gain more space for this task, disconnect other connectors such as from the heat element and from thermostats.

11. Unscrew and remove the front top cover. 6 screws. 4 on the rear side parallel to the floor and accessed through the chassis and 2 connects it to the grouphead. The 2 bottom screws that connect it to the grouphead needs only to be loosened. This part is removed by sliding it toward the front.

Tip: Using a magnetic screwdriver is strongly recommended for the 4 rear screws (but not only).

12. Remove the top grouphead plate. It is removed diagonally as it is held by the bottom plastic cover.
13. Unscrew and remove the Grouphead bottom plastic cover. 2 screws. This part is removed by sliding it toward bottom.
14. Unscrew and remove the Grouphead filter/shower parts. 1 hex bolt.
This subassembly consists of a bolt, filter, jetbreaker and a diffuser.

Tip: Use an 8mm wrench to unscrew the hex bolt.

Tip: General important tip for all external parts:
Since external parts are polished stainless or plastic, you’d like to protect it while storing it during the rework and handling of it. Wrap and place parts that you don’t machine with a protective material such as foam sheet, bubble-air Nylon or soft thick paper.
Attach protective film to parts that needs to be machined.
You’ll thank me for this tip later on when your parts will look brand new as before.
When done, assembling Silvia is done in exact reverse order of the above steps.
Tip: Don’t forget to prime Silvia before first use after assembly. Follow section 7.1 page 34 in the manual.

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  1. Adam

    Hi Avi

    Just came across this after needing to replace my pump. Second time now but the machine is still going strong 20 years on now…

    Just wanted to say that this is one of the best guides for disassembling anything I’ve ever seen on the Internet. The attention to detail is impeccable, and the tips etc. are so ‘on point’.

    Brilliant guide, thanks very much!


    • Avi Schneor

      Thank you Adam for for the warm compliments.
      I try to do my best ☺
      enjoy your coffee

  2. Emile S.

    Hi Avi. Thank you for putting this guide together. It is incredibly clear, and gives me total confidence to disassemble (and reassemble) my Silvia.

    • Avi Schneor

      Thank you Emile.
      I’m glad this guide helped you and hope you’ll succeed with your mods.
      Have fun and enjoy your coffee


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