Rancilio Silvia Mega-Mod part 8 Light

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Avi's Silvia Mega-Mod

My way to a better coffee...

DISCLAIMER - Important!

While having a 12V power supply in Silvia, why not use it for some pyrotechnic ?
I added a 4×3 LED bar that adds light to the tray surface, but more important, it acts like additional ON light and helps remind me when Silvia is on.

Original ON light is so weak that you find yourself leaving Silvia working too many hours than needed.
Yes, I use a digital timer to auto turn on/off power to Silvia, but many times I turn it on manually and this is when a reminder of Silvia’s status is helpful.

With the help of my friend, we made an Acrylic cover for the LED bar to protect it from drops and to blur the narrow beam light of the LEDs.
Using common and easy to obtain 12V power supply and adapter allowed direct connection of the light bar to the power supply without the need for any additional components. It also allows quick access in case a replacement is needed.

tipTip: I ordered the US plug version of the power supply which makes it easier to connect to it regular spade crimp terminals.
tipTip: 12x LED array car bulb works directly on 12V. Car lights are usually powered by 12V, so looking for car LED bulbs replacement will result a huge selection of products.
Any other number of LEDs is OK to use as well, but additional resistor must be added to regulate current.

This Light mod started as pyrotechnic, but turned out to be a very useful one for dimmed conditions. It also gives Silvia a respectable expensive look.

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  1. kevin

    Great work and good explanations with graphics. Thankyou for sharing. I prefer using supply volts for my gaggia mods. Boiler water leve is my biggest challenge – getting something small and reliable in hot wet enviro. Went for a sight glass.

    • Avi Schneor

      Thank you Kevin and good luck with your coffee machne modding.


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