Rancilio Silvia Mega-Mod part 13 Power timer

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Avi's Silvia Mega-Mod

My way to a better coffee...

DISCLAIMER - Important!

This mod is actually the first one that I made prior to the Mega-Mod project.
As you probably know, to produce a good shot, Silvia needs to be warmed up for at least 25-30 minutes before you extract your shot. You can turn Silvia on manually (if you remember) or with the help of a timer.
There are many options for timers in the market, mechanical and digital.
I got a digital timer that has 20 programmable on/off operations per day. Much more than I’ll ever need.
This timer came with integrated UK style plug-socket which means you need to place it right into the wall socket.
I wanted the timer to be placed in another place where I can see it and access its buttons easily, so I had to mod it.
Pre-Infusion switch on control box
Power timer installation
I opened the timer and replaced the plug pins with an extension cable.
This allowed me to place the timer in a more usable place on my kitchen wall.

tipTip: When I disassembled the integrated plug, I made sure to seal the plastic housing where the plug pins protruded the housing as this area has high voltage in it and needs to be sealed.
tipTip: My timer had a UK style socket, so to make things easier and safer without using any additional adapter, I replaced Silvia’s cable plug with a UK style plug to fit the timer directly.
Note that some UK plugs has a build-in fuse. Make sure either to use a suitable fuse (5A) and get additional protection layer for Silvia, or shorten this fuse to make it a regular socket w/o a fuse.
tipTip: Using a timer can increase your electric bill if you don’t set it correctly. On the other hand, if you use it just for your needs, it will save you $$$.
To know how much it cost you, find out the cost of KW/h from your local electric supplier and make the math based on the following data:
– Silvia First heating = 0.08 KW/h
– Silvia On, idle mode = 0.37 KW/h
– Cappuccino cycle (Brew+steam+getting back to brew temperature) = 0.044 KW/h
(I found this data in a forum and it was collected by using a power meter)

With a timer, Silvia is always waiting for me, not the other way around…

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Any modification made to your Silvia may cause damage to your equipment and harm to yourself or to others. 
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